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One of my most over heard responses when we first meet a bride is, "I do not know what I want." This page is for you. Here are some of my favorite trends in 2023. Some of the work below is styled shoots with florals done by The Floral Exchange and some is Pinterest ideas that my team would love to work on in future months! However remind yourself it is your wedding day, and what you want is always the most important! Scroll down and find the style that speaks to you!


THe CLean and white 

Baby breath trends for 2023

White always makes a statement in it's own version each year. In 2023 the trend for white is a staple rose and over the top baby's breath. The reason this works, it's classic and your photos will stand the ages.

COlor is in

Go Bright or Go home

In pervious years the pale & muted tones have made a name for themselves. But now it's out with the old and in with the new. The more vibrant the color, the more power couple statement is made. This is fun for someone who is a little outside of the box, wants the unique wedding, and when they look back they can say we went for it!


Arbor is over

Floor pieces have all the eyes

Something so whimsical about floor pieces. The best part is the options are endless. These styles tend to allow the flowers to lay in a more natural look to give all the romantic vibes.

Local statement

buy your flowers local

Brides always ask if they can get certain flowers for their wedding that are out of season, the answer is usually yes. Most floral can be shipped from anywhere in the world during any season. But what if you choose to only buy in season local florals. The color, the smells, and the quality would set your wedding apart. Local buying is not only important but trendy. 

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